Building to the Code and Australian Standards

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How many times have you heard the words ‘built to code’ or ‘built to Australian Standards’ and wondered what the ‘code’ and ‘standard’ actually is?

Before you choose a builder, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the answer to this question. Building to code does, in no way, imply that every build is of the same quality. With that said, much like a car, a home has to be built to specific standards before it’s allowed to be habitable.

To use the same analogy, we know there’s a BIG difference between the precision engineering of a Rolls Royce and a reliable Kia family hatchback. While both brands produce great cars in their own right, complying with industry standards, rules and regulations, each brand build their cars to a different standard of qualityThis is also the case with builders and their interpretation of the building code.

Whilst all builders by law should be building to their respective building codes, they will all do so in their own way. Building to code and building to last are two very different things. Here at Homes by Elite, we pride ourselves on doing both.

There are two main components to the building code – strength and serviceability. A builder must ask themselves: will this structure hold when fully-loaded? And, what is this going to look like when finished? When working to the code, a builder must find a happy medium between certain parameters for things to be code compliant. 

The truth being, each element of a build has specific standards it has to meet in order to be code compliant. You would think that this would ensure the perfect home every time. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. These varying parameters could mean you have a wall that’s slightly off-kilter paired with a slab that is again, somewhat uneven. While each element measured individually would technically adhere to the code, put them together, and you can have some serious implications on your hands.

Here at Homes By Elite, we don’t accept such poor attention to detail. That’s why we view the code as the minimum standard for our work. It’s also why we advise everyone looking to build to be very cautious with who they choose to work with.

One has to ask themselves: would you rather a builder that simply complies to the code, or a builder that goes above and beyond, ensuring your home is built to its highest (and most functional) standard?

We’d certainly opt for the latter.

Before you begin your build, it’s important to get to know your builder and the way they work. But don’t stop there. Also, familiarise yourself with the building code, and what it encompasses.

Homes by Elite was born from a passion for quality construction. We take absolute pride in every job we complete. After all, we believe the benchmark for building is set by exceptional workmanship, innovative design and uncompromised quality.

If you want to know more about the Australian building codes, Australian Standards and the rules and regulations behind them – please don’t hesitate to get in touchOur team are readily available to ensure you are informed before making these crucial decisions that could have serious repercussions for your home.

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